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Super Mario 3DS Maker Releases This December

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Super Mario Maker will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS in December. The wildly popular game that debut on the Nintendo WiiU last year, is finally making it’s way to handheld systems, but there’s a small hitch in the plans for it. This version of Super Mario Maker will focus on creating local connections rather than sharing online. StreetPass will be used to exchange courses with close friends.

Super Mario Maker It will include 100 levels designed by Nintendo, each with various extra challenges, such as completing the level while killing all of the enemies, or collecting every coin. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to load up an automatically-generated, always-changing list of different levels that were created by players on the Wii U version of the game that Nintendo released last year. Ready for the bad news bears about Super Mario Maker?

What you won’t be able to do, that you can on the Wii U, is enter in a download code to play a specific level. And most importantly, once you create a level on the 3DS, you can’t upload it and share it around. What you can do, Nintendo says, is share that level with other players via local wireless. Although it’s being pitched around as the local sharing equivalent to the online-centric Wii U version; there’ll be no online uploads for courses created in this 3DS iteration. Some Wii U content won’t be making the transition, such as the Mystery Mushroom and related outfits.

 Super Mario Maker for 3DS hits shelves December 2nd 2016.

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