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Recap: The Flash The Once And Future Flash & WTF Moments

Barry is back at it again, trying to find a way to save iris from Savitar killing her, to see what Barry and Team Flash have been dealing with over the course of 7 years. Starting things off right, we […]


Into The Badlands: Force of Eagle’s Claw & Our Thoughts

  Into the Badlands has done it again this week, giving us more of an inside look into what lies beyond what we realized in season one of the cult classic. Sunny and Baije working together to escape Bordo’s mines […]


Iron Fist Season 1 Our Thoughts & The Truth About Those Other Reviews

Honestly Disclaimer: Lets get this out of the way quickly before anyone reading gets upset and screams any sort of bias shall we? I am not a member of the official “press,” therefore I haven’t seen Iron Fist before it […]


Beauty & The Beast Recaptures The Nostalgia Of 1991 In Modern Film

Beauty & The Beast became one of the best feature films this spring for 2017, and it wasn’t boring for a single moment. Not to say it was chocked full of action, but the film did provide a more adult […]


Recap: The Flash Attack On Central City & WTF Moments

Warning 100% Spoilers For The Flash Attack on Gorilla City The conclusion to the Gorilla City 2 part episode arrived last night, following Attack on Gorilla City and it didn’t disappoint in the least. Starting things off properly, Gypsy breaking […]


Recap: The Flash Attack On Gorilla City & WTF Moments

Warning 100% Spoilers For The Flash Attack on Gorilla City   If you haven’t seen The Flash Attack on Gorilla City, you’ve missed out on one of the best episodes the series has to offer so far. Unlike its counterpart, […]


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Redeems the Series with a catch

After receiving a mysterious email from his wife who’s been missing for the past 3 years, Ethan travels to Dulvey Louisiana where he encounters a lot on his journey to rescue his estranged wife Mia. Now I’ll be honest and […]


Review: Final Fantasy XV A Long Awaited Classic RPG

  Final Fantasy XV is the game you’re looking for. it’s fantastic, rhythmic, energetic and it’s visually amazing. Right from the start Final Fantasy XV throws you right into the action opening things up right in the heat of battle […]


Ghostbusters Laughable But Forgettable

Ghostbusters was one of the best comedies to grace the silver screen in a span of over 25 years, and it inspired an entire generation to believe in spooks, specter’s, and apparitions. Dan Akyroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, and Harold […]