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Manga: Dragon Ball Zero Raditz Origin Story

Dragon Ball Z has always had a great way of showing fans things we wouldn’t normally get to see, lest it be non-canon. Whether it was the OVA: The Tree of Might, or even the latest Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of “F,” there’s always something interesting for fans to enjoy. Raditz, Goku’s older brother was an integral part of the series opening us to where Goku came from, and who he is. His quick demise was pretty unexpected, but it was worth the episodes that we watched, as it helped Goku become the powerhouse he is today.

In the Manga we see Radtiz, Turles, and an unknown Saiyan compete in a tournament to ear the right to go out on solo missions to conquer planets. Bardock is featured as well as Goku. Check it out below and give us your thoughts!

What is your favorite Saiyan  from the Dragon Ball Z series? Let us know below!


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