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The Flash Season 3 Promo: Attack On Gorilla City

The Flash will be on break this next week, but the synopsis for the new episode has come up. Barry and team travel to gorilla city on earth 2 and face Grodd after Jesse Quick informs the team her father has been abducted. As they trek through the forest, they’re captured and brought to Grodd. He tells them he needs their help to stop Solavar, the leader of Gorilla City, apparently Solavar wants to invade earth 1. Enter Attack On Gorilla City.

Meanwhile back on Earth 1. Jesse Quick, and Wally West team up to stop a meta who can control gravity. Keith David will be providing the voice of Solavar, during the Attack On Gorilla City 2-part episode event, and it will be excellent. According to what Grodd’s history in the comics, Solavar is the supposed to be the bad gorilla in this equation. But it could be completely false as we’ve already seen Grodd try to kill before he was sent to Gorilla City by Barry and Team Flash.

The producers are working with an original Flash universe now that’s completely separate from the comics, so all the Legion of Doom, Flash Crisis, and Flashpoint stuff involving Gorilla Grodd sort of goes out the window–save for what they can use to create and establish his canon in the episodic universe.

But that’s not to say Grodd isn’t tricking Barry into helping him take over Gorilla City for himself, since he is hyper intelligent, and only viewed Caitlin as an ally out of all of them.

Attack on Gorilla City will be a 2-part event with the first episode taking place after the 2 week break on February 21st, and the second February 28th. Check out the trailer, and give us your predictions in the comments!

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