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Jak & Daxter Collection Coming To PS4 & PS2 Classics Later This Year

Jak&Daxter III

                                                                                                               Jak & Daxter III

Earlier today, Sony announced that Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing will be available on PS4 as PS2 classics on the PS Store sometime later this year.

Like all other PS2 classics on the PS4, each of the four games will feature 1080 up-rendering and trophy support (it’s unclear whether each game or any will have a platinum). Additional enhanced features, such as Shareplay, Remote Play, and Activity Feeds will also be included.

It’s still unknown if you’ll have to purchase them separately, or if they’ll be available as a single packaged collection download. What is surprising is that Jak & Daxter the Lost Frontier, and Daxter for the PSP isn’t present on the collection list. While Naughty Dog did develop the latter, the former was produced and published by High Impact Games. Either way the Jak & Daxter Collection are going to be a great addition to the newest generation of gamers.

Granted, the graphics  and gameplay for the Lost Frontier wasn’t as great as the other main entries, it still was presented as a continuation of the series. Plans for Jak 4 were scrapped in Favor of Uncharted 3-4, and hope for a new entry isn’t necessarily looking up for the old school platformer. With Crash Bandicoot coming back to the PS4, and possibly a new iteration of that franchise could still happen.

Honestly it’s been a while since Naughty Dog and several other developers such as Insomniac Games opened their vaults and handed classics back to the public. Honestly it’s a great move by said developers to re-release certain franchises that they once had as platinum to create new revenue streams. By doing this, it can help fund sequel projects, spinoff’s, or even new projects that they can see this generation loving. Perhaps it’s time to start looking into sequels or spinoff’s of certain iconic games we loved from the 2000’s? Check out the trailer and give us your thoughts.

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