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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Redeems the Series with a catch

After receiving a mysterious email from his wife who’s been missing for the past 3 years, Ethan travels to Dulvey Louisiana where he encounters a lot on his journey to rescue his estranged wife Mia. Now I’ll be honest and say, if I got a email from my missing wife after 3 years and no word, I’d send the cops, not travel myself to see what’s going on. However, we couldn’t have a proper horror game with a protagonist who uses common sense like a toothbrush now can we?

The Baker family is a set of serious cannibals, with an agenda to give “her gift,” to every family member including Mia and her mysterious sister Zoe, whom beyond phone calls similar to Bioshock-esque gameplay, you never see immediately. As you explore the Baker plantation, you’re continuously stalked, tossed around, and sliced up all in the name of love for your wife. The game does escalate, and it’s very great that it does. Having the usual zombies, and bioweapons that were used to in Resident Evil.

The combat in the game to be quite honest is a bit basic. You can block incoming attacks by tossing your hands up in a shield pose, hide in certain areas to avoid detection, and push obstacles in your enemies path in certain areas to slow them down. This helps a little, since you’ll run into Jack Baker, or his equally insane and immortal wife Marguerite around the house. It does help create a good sense of urgency with the game, as you desperately try to solve puzzles and find new weapons. Especially sweet pea. That’s what I nicknamed the shotgun once found and swapped out for the broken one. A nod to the first Resident Evil.


Random boss fights litter the game, and it looks as if it’s taking a lot of queue’s from other games to make up for the lack of excitement and jump scares that the previous titles usually offered. Giant bugs, Symbiotic creatures, and regenerating enemies, what else could you ask for? Classic gameplay memoirs from Resident Evil 1 of course. But we’ll get to that in  a moment.

To it’s merit however, you have a lot of options to make Ethan your own character to destroy the game. You can use the antique coins you find, to get steroids to extend your life meter, reduce the recoil on your weapons, speed up your reload time, or even use them to have further upgrades. In much more classic nods to the original franchise, you’ll find storage containers to stock your loads after filling your carry limit. The plantation grounds are very large and offer an abundance of scary areas to traverse.

You’ll even find several Easter Eggs throughout the game from previous titles which we’ll cover on our article.

On the side of actual communication, the game simply fails. Halfway through an area you’ll find a map of it, which by the time you find it, you sincerely don’t need it at all. Seriously. One of the more frustrating parts is when you’ll receive the phone calls form Zoe, the sister who’s hiding from her parents and is starting to turn. She’s your only lifeline to finding the serum to cure herself and Mia and escape the plantation.

What does the game offer to challenge your brain? Puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles. The only downside the puzzles have is that they aren’t overly complex. Finding dog heads, putting wooden statues in front of projectors, and putting keys in locks or keycards, you’ll make it through them. While the puzzles of former games have been much more complex, the puzzles of Resident Evil 7 is a much more straightforward affair, and unfortunately the game does suffer for it.

The  game does save redeem itself with the puzzles with a sequence that’s like something from SAW. Players will first run through his dastardly room from the perspective of one character (a video tape). Later, they’ll use the knowledge gained from that experience to bypass and avoid deadly traps and lethal missteps as Ethan. I won’t ruin how the game ends, but if you want to know more about it, check out our Resident Evil 7 ending explainer here.


  • New protagonist
  • Very few ties to original series
  • Lots of explorative gameplay
  • Great score to the gameplay


  • Not a lot of jump scares
  • Freqeunt Baker family surprises
  • Not enough enemies to challenge player
  • Redundant puzzles


If you’re looking for a great game that will satisfy your yearning for a new Resident Evil title, you’ll love it. As for gameplay and functionality, Resident Evil 7 could be a lot better than it was. However for a 5 hour game, plus finding everything it will satisfy you for your money sake and beyond for the upcoming DLC not a hero. Lastly, if you’re looking to get more out of the game, unlock the hard mode and play through again.







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