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Resident Evil 7: Does Chris Redfield work for Umbrella?

Resident Evil 7 has come out, and scored very well with us in our Resident Evil 7 review. Although the game was pretty short, about 5-6 hours of play time, depending on what you ended up doing for exploration, it was still pretty solid. At the end of  the game, you end up finding a photograph of a Umbrella helicopter, and then you’re saved by an agent who reveals themselves as simply “Redfield.”

Now, if you’re like us, you’re wondering if Chris Redfield has switched sides, or if this new person is simply providing a cover to trick our protagonist into thinking Umbrella is an ally, you might be wrong. The ending credits list the character as Chris Redfield, however, this leaves fans heads spinning a lot. But there are two possible answers for these questions.

Umbrella could be under BSAA supervision

If you look at the logo on the chopper vs. Umbrella’s original logo, you’ll notice quite a few changes that can’t be coincidence. Umbrella’s logo has also gotten a facelift, trading the blood red colors for blue, and adding a cross of sorts it could suggest that Umbrella is no longer bankrupt, and has reemerged as a force of light to correct the wrongs they once brought against the people of the United Sates of America.

If Chris Redfield is working with them, he must have a good reason. The reason may be unknown for now, but Chris did come to Ethan’s aide, so for now we’ll just have to trust that he has the best intentions for our character.


Resident Evil 7 DLC Not a Hero Answers Our Questions

Capcom has stated that the stand alone DLC Not a Hero for Resident Evil will put us in the shoes of Chris Redfield, which could lead up to the events of the ending itself. Should this DLC provide us with what we’ve missed from the series, we could get the other piece of the puzzle in the tons of action.

Both sides of the spectrum could finally be delivered. Old school gameplay in Ethan’s campaign, and action packed gun’s, bullets, and guts in Chris Redfield’s campaign. Essentially two games in one.

While specific details beyond Chris Redfield being the main protagonist of the new DLC, we don’t have any. But what we do know is the DLC comes in spring, and a lot of fan theories seem to point to Chris Redfield possibly being Hunk, the masked Umbrella operative who has popped up in several previous titles. check out the comparison

We’ll soon discover who this new person is  in the DLC not a hero. While it is free, players will have to wait a few months to sink their teeth into it, as it’s coming our this spring. Or until the Resident Evil Vendetta CGI movie releases.

What are your thoughts on Chris Redfield or Hunk being a part of Umbrella or an undercover operative?

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