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Feminist BS: Professor Claims She Was Raped By Male Student’s Paper

I ran across a seriously messed up paper that someone posted on a forum this morning, and it just goes to prove what I’ve always said about feminism: It’s a cancer that will never stop infecting, or affecting people’s lives. […]


Gamergate: Brianna Wu Slapped Around For Lying On Twitter

Brianna Wu has always been crazy, and here’s the latest on her tirade on Twitter as of a few hours ago. She went out on a limb so fragile it basically cracked and broke under her cankles and Twitter fans […]


Brianna Wu’s Election Chances Lie In A Galaxy Far Far Away

If you asked about how to combat alleged online harassment, create a video game or, whats the difference was in pixel ratio’s inside games Brianna Wu might be your best shot at learning a few basic things. However if you […]


Brianna Wu For Congress? Why 2018 Looks Glum For Her

Brianna Wu, the self described Godzilla of Tech Feminists is running for congress in 2018 and may have attempted to bite off a lot more than she can chew or manage. With Donald Trump’s appointment to the White House just […]


L Of The Day Goes To: Randi Harper For Hating Brianna Wu’s Run For Congress

There comes a certain time in every SJW’s life when they feel something special. It’s an serious force and can only be described in one word: Jealously. In this case, Randi Harper the founder of the OAPI, and GGAutoblocker is […]


L Of The Day Goes To Anita Sarkeesian For: Still Begging For Donations

Anita Sarkeesian has decided to strike again, and in a very hilarious and overtly way. It’s no secret that since the 30-ish feminist isn’t playing with a full deck of 52 cards, but it’s never been more clear until now. After […]


Our Response To Feministing’s Article On Cyber Female Harassment

Every now and again having a perspective on a subject Is important especially when it comes to feminism and how different someone’s views on it are concerned. Recently I read an article on female cyber harassment from Feministing’s Reina Gattuso. […]


Gamergate: Eurogamer Censors Comments Over Crash Override Leaks

If you’re late to the party about the Crash Override Network Chat Logs, you can brush up here. Now that you’re up to speed, something rather interesting came out on One angry gamer the other day and I wanted to talk about […]


Chelsea Cain Flees Twitter After Barrage Of Harassment

Chelsea Cain, the comic writer most famous for writing Mockingbird has come under attack by Twitter users who find issue with her work. In a now vanished series of tweets (seen below), Cain noted that she was getting harassing tweets, over the […]


Breaking: Randi Harper Not Punished For Harassing Twitter Troll

It’s been no secret that the love hate relationship between @Safety and the platform’s CEO Jack Dorsey or @Jack is pretty stale to say the least. Most recently Jack came under fire from critics for not doing anything to push […]