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Nintendo 2DSXL Coming This July 28th Feat. New Colors & Exclusive Games

  Nintendo is dropping a new handheld to satisfy those who don’t want the 3DS experience in their games any longer. Introducing the Nintendo 2DS XL is going to be a great game changer for the market, and with two […]


Rumor: Nintendo Releasing Mini-SNES This Christmas For Fans

Anonymous sources have told Eurogamer that we can expect the Mini-SNES this Christmas, and we couldn’t be more excited. Although this should be taken as a rumor, we all knew this was coming eventually. It’s a little sooner than later, […]


Nintendo Switch Has Been Officially Hacked…Sort Of

The Nintendo Switch has been out for almost two weeks, and it would appear it’s already been hacked by a group of gamers. That didn’t take long did it? The hack stems from a simple browser exploit that was previously […]


Nintendo Switch Confirmed List Of Games At Launch And Beyond

Nintendo Switch is still on track for this coming march, and with it some very serious titles that fans are very excited for. While there’s no word as of yet on online titles such as Call of Duty, or Borderlands […]


Nintendo Switch Specs And Thoughts About Missing

 Nintendo is just one month away from releasing it’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch. Although not much was known about the console beyond its sparse commercials, Nintendo kept fans very closed out until now. On January 27th, Nintendo’s UK site […]


Super Mario Run Loses Highest Grossing App Title

Super Mario Run gained a lot of hype from fans just months before it launched earlier this month, and for about 3 days the title slayed downloads, and smashed records like only Mario could for Nintendo. It raked in over […]


Super Mario Runs Nintendo’s Shares Into The Ground

Super Mario Run reviews haven’t been very kind to Nintendo’s first venture into the mobile market–and investors aren’t very excited about the results either. When initial reviews came out for the game, one thing kept resonating vocally: Why does it […]


Super Nintendo World Details Revealed For Universal Studios

Ever since Nintendo announced it would be creating Nintendo Land, we’ve had our own thoughts on what we’d like to see happen in the park for rides and food, as well as how Super Mario Run could help with the […]


Super Mario Run Mobile Reveals An Unlockable Luigi & Toad

Super Mario Run is getting pretty close to being the perfect mobile game, especially with Nintendo Land so close to breaking ground at Universal Studios. and now Nintendo is revealing something even better. New updates about Super Mario Run include: […]


Nintendo Reveals $99.99 New Nintendo 3DS Bundle For Black Friday

If you’re looking for a great deal on Black Friday, Nintendo has decided to drop one of theirs early on in the form of a smaller New Nintendo 3DS system. With Super Mario Maker coming, and Super Mario Jump coming […]