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Tekken 7: Roger Jr Removed From Final Roster Due To Animal Rights Protestors

As absurd as it could possibly sound, it’s completely true, Roger Jr. is no longer a part of Tekken 7 due to animal rights protesters complaining. We already have Jun Kazama possibly not making the roster, and now this. In […]


Tekken #1 Releases This May On Comic Stands Everywhere

  Tekken 7 isn’t due out until June, but that won’t stop a comic book tie in from happening for the popular fighting game. Although Jun Kazama might not be the roster, but that doesn’t mean she won’t show up […]


Tekken 7 Release Date+ DLC News

Tekken 7 is releasing June 2, 2017 for PlayStation 4 fans, but there’s even better news if you’re an Xbox fan on top of that scoop. Featuring a full roster of 40+ characters, Tekken 7 is looking to finally bring […]


Tekken 7: Lee Chaolan Revealed In New Cinematic Trailer

Lee Chaolan/ Violet have been officially added to the Tekken 7 roster. The last time we saw Lee Chaolan’s alter ego Violet was in Tekken 4 as a fast and hip character that introduced new moves, and a stunning new […]


Jun Kazama May Not Return For Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is the latest installment for the classic franchise that began it’s track record on the PSOne. Althought there have been many games since the original first hit store shelves in 1994, it’s still one of the best fighting […]