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The Flash Season 3 Top Ten WTF Moments Easter Eggs: Paradox

The Flash has returned to fans and with it, has brought a lot of great new things we’ll see this season including Team Flash dealing with the fact that Barry entered their timeline randomly. Although he did it for the right reasons, we see Cisco looking at him with disgust after he contest that he should fix Dante’s death, and Barry declining by stating he can’t.

It’s difficult for Barry, on the one hand he’s The Flash–savior of Central City, but at the same time he’s a human being who feels things. He wants his family back, he wants everything to be perfect in his life with Iris, while balancing everything else–but it cant. This timeline looks as if it’s right around the time Iris found out her mother was still alive, so it’s an alternate timeline to The Flash season 2 where Dante didn’t survive, and Iris wasn’t so forgiving of keeping her mother’s fate a secret. But we’ll delve into more of that further on, let’s get right into the top 10 list!


10. The Rival is  a set up for Savitar

Right away we can see where producers on The Flash are going with this one. Clearly, Dr. Alchemy gives Edward Clarris his powers to become a servant for his bidding for the eventual set up for The Dominators, another DC Comics arc that was prevalent with fans a while back. The Rival can be looked at as more of a sub-class version of Reverse Flash. Although they’re thought of as the same person, they’re not. The Rival is technically more of Jay Garrick’s nemesis than Barry Allen’s since his actually is Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne.

The good thing about this set up is that we’ll see Dr. Alchemy work on Clarris and get him up to speed over the season, probably introducing us to Savitar about halfway through the season if not sooner for the ultimate showdown on the 4 series crossover.



9. Jay Garrick takes Barry to 1998 to “Talk”

This was particularly amusing to me, since Jay basically grabs Barry by the scruff of his costume and sort of pulls him to the sideline as if he got caught tossing up a hail Mary on a rushing play. This is when a rather interesting Easter Egg pops up in the diner. Dawson’s Creek is playing on the TV behind Jay in the background. John Wesley Shipp played Dawson’s father on the show in 1998 when it began, and the diner was also in the original The  Flash TV show as well.

The diner scene was sort of a gentle nod to John Wesley Shipp on Warner Bros. behalf noting his dual roles as The Flash, and a father on Dawson’s Creek on their network. What was even better was Jay’s take on Barry playing with the timeline. He basically breaks it down to Barry as a mentor and a seasoned speedster summing it up as, it is what it is.

It leads us to understand that Jay has tried to alter the timeline himself and has suffered the consequences of trying to alter realities. What’s even more interesting is, will we see the Time Wraith’s or Black Flash again as a result of time jumping?

We know Zoom was killed by them last season for playing with time, will Barry face similar consequences, or is he looked at differently because he uses his powers to help the greater good as the speed force explained to him?



Cisco is becoming a Vibe by using Reverb’s glasses

Let’s be honest. Many of us didn’t think that Cisco would actually come so far in such a short time. Clearly the time that Barry spent away in his alternate timeline created a tangent that skipped forward quite a bit. The other theory is that Cisco pushed himself completely in to his work since he has nothing else to care about when his brother Dante died at the hands of a drunk driver. With no one left to compete with, what else is there?

I like how the producers are obviously being very careful with this particular part of the season. They don’t want to over play their hand and introduce too much at once like–oh all of a sudden–Cisco is Vibe, Wally and Jesse are speedsters, and Caitlyn is becoming Killer Frost. Then we’d have the musical, the crossover, and the finale. Too much too soon is never a good thing. We did just see Arrow get back to it’s roots in season 1, so suffice to say–no one wants to see Oliver Queen  subvert himself to not being a badass anymore–same thing with Cisco cracking jokes and making Rouge names.

What I can say is peculiar is his sudden jump back into action and deciding that one day he’ll join Barry in the field. Sort of like realizing he was wrong and understanding that Barry is his brother as well, he needs to watch over him or he could descend into becoming Reverb, or an evil Vibe. His non-chalant approach to saving Barry was pretty funny, but it does show that Cisco is gaining more confidence over his powers and it’s growing quickly.



Caitlin is becoming Killer Frost thanks to flashpoint

At the end of the episode, we saw Caitlin Snow developing her powers as Killer frost and looking simply terrified. If her time as Killer Frost is beginning she’s already psyching herself out due to her time spent with Killer Frost on Earth-2. From the realization that she could become evil and be added to Barry’s Rouge Gallery, she doesn’t want the powers or what could come with them. Then again, the other side of that argument is that with great power comes a greater responsibility, and as a doctor, she could do serious good with her powers. With her mother Dr. Snow joining the show, Caitlin’s development could speed up due to stress.

Clearly seeing what Killer Frost went through will help to develop her personality as a meta-human in to a much more positive light. That, and the fact that she’s over Ronnie Raymond’s death finally means she can focus on helping Barry keep the city safe, and defend the lab when it’s under attack by rouge meta-humans.



Wally West and Jesse Quick should have speedster powers this season

Jesse Quick is returning to The Flash, with her father Dr. Wells. What we don’t know, is if she’ll either have fully developed her powers or just begin to show signs of them like Cisco, and Caitlin. Even more, with the threat of Zoom no longer an issue on Earth-2, what will be the reason for their return to Earth-1? Since Tom Cavanaugh was promoted to series regular on The Flash, we’ll either be seeing flashbacks, or relative Reverse Flash lessons with him involving Barry again.

Jesse Quick could come back into play since her relationship with Wally is still budding, but because they haven’t really set anything in stone yet, she could be coming to visit and see how things will develop between them. This could us to the pair’s powers growing as a result of being near each other, or their side story being a great break from the main action of the series. With Dr. Alchemy being the main big bad, some down time with a new couple would be nice.



Flashpoint is catching up to people from the alternate timeline

A scary revelation about those funky husks that we saw on this episode, is that the remains of Edward Clarris were a result of the timeline catching up to people. This might not necessarily be true, as Dr. Alchemy could be encasing their bodies in something that helps develop their abilities–a sort of cocoon if you will–and the result being that they “hatch” from it reborn with meta-human powers thanks to the philosopher’s stone.

The purpose of said husks, could be to throw anyone off from their presence afterward, as they’re pronounced dead so that they can operate in the shadows as one of Dr. Alchemy’s agents to combat Barry and round up meta-humans to ally with his plans to create the Dominators. Should this prove false and relay more to the former theory, we could see Wally West begin to decompose and turn into a husk himself.

However, it’s rather important to note that The CW, and the producer’s have invested a lot of money into Wally’s Kid Flash costume, as well as Jesse Quick’s, so I don’t think they’ll be killed off since we’re expecting them to ascend to Barry’s level this season, or in a future Legends of Tomorrow episode.



Connor Hawke replaced Sara Diggle by John Diggle Jr.

Connor Hawke is more of an Arrow Easter Egg, but because Barry did jump all the way to Star City to speak with Felicity instead of Oliver it raises more than a few eyebrows about his and Oliver’s “friendship.” For one, it shows us that Barry trusts Felicity with the sensitive information that he can time travel further than he originally let on, and rely’s on her unbiased guidance as a former love interest.

I can honestly say I’m not surprised by Diggle’s timeline being changed all that much, it sets up Arrow 2046 perfectly with the one shot Legends of Tomorrow episode, but hopefully that’s not really Star City’s future. What we now have to wonder concerning Oliver’s timeline, is what else has changed? It seems that aside from Diggle jr. being born, nothing is different when we tune into Arrow. At least for now.



Tobin bell voices dr. alchemy: Id like to play a game flash.

This is just a little quick Easter Egg that happened to be prevalent. One of the great things about The Flash is how much they cater to true geek culture. By this I mean that there will always be a reference to something truly stellar and unique that only a movie, comic, or literature buff would know. In this particular instance it was the Saw franchise. Tobin Bell voices Jigsaw, and reprises his classic quote that we loved to hear him say. Although this wasn’t a huge easter egg it was still fun to hear that creepy voice ring out in the darkness.



Barry and Iris finally get together

This had to be the Crème de la Crème of the episode. Honestly, after 2 seasons, jumping to other earth’s and sleeping with Iris on Earth-2 instead of Earth-1 Iris( which neither of them ever spoke about lol), Barry and Iris are finally giving it a shot. The killing thing is that they know their destiny is to be married with children, but the added pressure of that knowledge keeps them separated due to principal alone.

Iris wants to be with Barry for the right reasons, not because a by-line on a article in the future says that she’s supposed to be. Barry? He just wants Iris, and he always has ever since he knew what love was. The sad thing is, we know this won’t last long between them since a lot of bad stuff is probably gonna go down this season. However, at least it won’t end as bad as Olicity did last season.

Well those are the top 10 WTF and Easter Eggs, did you discover any we missed? If so let us know in the comments and tell us your predictions for this season!




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